Terms and Conditions

in human-readable language

1. How does shipping work?

All instruments are shipped after they are assembled, from our workshop in Prague, Czech Republic. If the shipping destination is in the EU, the price you pay is final. If it’s outside the EU, there is usually some kind of import tax, which you’ll be charged by the shipping company. The process is very straightforward. Please consult your official websites for the exact numbers or you can try asking us through email and we can help you finding that info.

Usually, the machines are shipped by either FedEx (non-EU shipments) or DHL (within the EU). By now we know pretty well what works where, but if you have a specific request regarding shipping, please put it into the notes and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

2. What if my Tempera is faulty or has a defect?

All instruments are covered by a 2-year warranty and are couriered to our workshop, repaired and shipped back to you at our expense, including customs/import fees. If there’s something wrong, drop us a message at makers@playtempera.com and we’ll organize a servicing.

For damaged machines by mishandling or outside the 2-year warranty, small repairs are still done for free but we’ll ask you to cover the shipping. If it’s larger problem to fix, we’ll suggest some options.

3. What if I decide that I don’t like the Tempera?

You can ship back the Tempera to us within 14 days after receiving it, and we’ll refund your money. This would bring sadness into our hearts so please try to make up your mind before placing an order.

4. Where do I get support, report bugs or complain that things aren’t working the way I think they should?

Reach out to us at makers@playtempera.com, and you can also find us hanging around on the Beetlecrab discord.

5. How do I learn to play the Tempera?

The best way is to read the manual, at least the parts that explain the concepts. For every page of the manual you read, a new star is born, or so we’ve heard.

The full text of the terms and conditions can be found here.