• record
  • resample
  • granularize

Tempera is an electronic musical instrument that allows for unparalleled hands-on access to the world of sound. Unlimited, unbound and inviting, Tempera is your brush and canvas, a companion to your muse.

Shipping worldwide directly from our Prague workshop

More specs

  • 4096 grains
  • 16 voice polyphony
  • per voice filter
  • 5 per voice routable modulators
  • 64 total emitters per voice
  • 4 concurrent emitter configurations
  • 8GB internal storage
  • 16-bit stereo samples, 32-bit processing
  • audio input switchable between instrument, microphone and line in modes
  • record what you play resampling
  • dimensions approx. 20.3×14.6×3.4 cm (5.4 cm with knobs)


  • Sometime in 2014 – 2D cross-sample granular concept is envisioned
  • Early 2022 – work on Tempera begins
  • Spring 2022 – first touchgrid and DSP proof of concept
  • Fall 2022 – first prototype units built, iterating hardware
  • February 2023 – Tempera becomes playable and feels amazing
  • April 2023 – alpha testing with first 10 pre-production prototypes
  • May 2023 – announcement and launch of preorders
  • June 2023 – manufacturing and sound design work begins
  • August 2023 – Summer update
  • November 2023 – First batch starts shipping (November update)
  • January 2024 – First batch finished shipping (January update)
  • February 2024 – Second batch starts shipping (February update)
  • March 2024 – 3rd batch starts shipping
  • May 2024 – 4th batch starts shipping

Scrubbing through vocal and speech samples

Andrew Huang – Fascinating new granular

Substan – Temporal Existence

The Midlife Synthesist – Cinematic Soundscapes Galore

Red Means Recording – Granular Hardware Jungle Machine

Red Means Recording – Demo and Walkthrough

Creating a sampled guitar canvas

SchickaMucke – Tempera Jam 2

Subradial – Tempera Ambient Performance

Hexwave – 10 Minute Tempera Cinematic Ambient

For drones, textures and ambient pads, this is one of the most inspiring, effective instruments we’ve used in a long time.
Tempera offers a novel approach to sound design and manipulation.
Synth Anatomy
A fascinating take on granular synthesis. The first demos are pure ear candy.
Tempera looks very strokable, very interactive, and more like an instrument than a sample player.
Sonic State
Users are encouraged to listen and explore with their fingers.

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About us

Tempera and Vector are built by a small company in Prague, Czech Republic. We source what we can locally, and take care that each assembled instrument leaving the workshop is thoroughly tested and packed.

We're proud by our track record of having delivered 7 batches of Vectors to over 40 countries, and have no intention of slowing down. :)

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