Current firmware

  • Upgrade directly from Tempera using USB drive or micro SD card
  • Firmware for download: Tempera firmware 2.0.3 (released 25th June 2024)


Version 2.0 (June 2024)

  • Per-emitter FX send level: Adjust the amount of effects applied to each emitter for eg. better separation of percussive and tonal sounds. Layering complex sounds has become much easier.
  • Double the amount of modulators: From 5 per voice to 10 per voice.
  • Relative X and Y scrubbing: Easily grain-scrub in two dimensions across the touch grid surface. Perfect pairing for the Tempera concept.
  • Adjustable LED and emitter colors: Personalize the look of your Tempera, including having better color separation for those of us with a different color perception.
  • Improved onboard keyboard: The new chromatic piano-like keyboard layout has better usability and clear visual feedback for standalone operation.
  • Quantized random grain detune: Grains’ random detune can now be quantized to fifths, octaves, or both, providing a natural shimmer or extra harmony.
  • Reverb upgrade: The new reverb algorithm provides richer and smoother reflections, and faster diffuse properties. Perfect for lush and wide soundscapes.
  • Modulator visualization: Modulators now provide improved visual feedback so it’s easier to get a clear picture of their behavior.
  • Stable and reliable MIDI clock sync: Improved clock BPM detection, MIDI clock sync is now durable and reliable.
  • Canvas quicksave: Save your project (“canvas” in Tempera lore) immediately with a quick and handy shortcut.
  • New shortcut for emitter editing: Newly added shortcut makes it easier to edit, cycle and organize emitter configurations.
  • New global MIDI channel parameter: Integrate Tempera easily into a bigger setup, while allowing for per-emitter MIDI channels.
  • Delay upgrade: A dot mode is added, along with smoother filter coloring.
  • Micro SD card USB bridge: It is now possible to bridge the micro SD card contents over USB to a computer.
  • Bug fixes & polishing: The amount of bugs fixed, streamlining and polishing is too long to list. :-)

Version 1.5 (February 2024)

See the archived Manual v1.5.

  • New per-emitter Tone filters: consists of a stereo pair of 1-pole LP and HP filters and it has two parameters: Width and Center. It can work as a sweepable “DJ style” filter, or a smooth bandpass to give each emitter a place in the mix.
  • New modulator destinations: per-emmiter Volume, Grain size, Grain Density, and Tone.
  • Picking an audio slice from a long audio file: It is now possible to load a long audio file into Tempera (up to 5 minutes) and pick an up to 11s window from it to load into a Track.
  • Random Name Generator to save time when saving canvases (no more AAAA.canvas!)
  • Many new new global settings, like Velocity curve, Max volume, Audition volume, new recording mode Mix which blends half of old with half of new, adjustable Display brightness.
  • Small things, like Round button + keyboard to show/hide the overlay keyboard, and a new Chromatic scale option.
  • New Horizontal overlay keyboard variant.
  • The MIDI parameter table has been updated.
  • A lot of polishing and of course many bug fixes

Version 1.4 (January 2024)

  • Added Emitter lock parameter that prevents a placed emitter from being overwritten
  • Added record overdub/replace modes
  • LED brightness adjustment
  • A bunch of bug fixes (midi clock, midi channels, emitter latch mode, USB midi, …)